Coaching Specialties

The common theme in the work I enjoy most is the journey toward living a more authentic life. This is a life where your external identity and commitments align more fully with your internal truth. In coaching we would seek both a clearer awareness of that internal truth, and explore the benefits, obstacles, potential, and options for changing the external circumstances. Here are some examples.

Coaching to Thrive More At Work

We would all like to feel satisfaction and fulfillment in our jobs. Coaching can help identify the source of frustrations and explore what changes can help, whether changes in one's own attitudes and beliefs, in one's behaviors, or in the actual work setting itself.

Coaching for Life Transitions

It may be something like retirement, or a change in career or relationship, or simply a needed shift in priorities. Coaching can help bring consciousness and intention to your choices so that the transition becomes an opportunity to bring more satisfaction to your new life.

Coming Out Coaching

The classic example would be coming to terms with a previously-suppressed or hidden identity as a sexual minority. But there could also be many other arenas of life values and priorities where "how the world expects you to be" no longer aligns with who you are inside. In coaching we can explore the importance to you of this mismatch and consider what courageous steps are feasible for you to take in order to resolve it.

Coaching to Navigate Shifts in Faith/Beliefs/Religious Practice

Many people can feel a disconnect between their internal values and some element of the belief or practice of their faith community, and yet don't feel permission to address the discomfort. Working with a coach who understands your language can help you discern if and how you can more confidently embrace your personal beliefs while holding on to the positive benefits that come from your participation in your faith community.


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