A Bridging Place -- John Duff, Life Coach

A Bridging Place -- John Duff, Life Coach

Invitation to Coaching

Would you like to be in a different place in your life than you are right now? Either dramatically different or just shifted subtly? Has the change not happened yet even though you know you want it?

Coaching can help you build a bridge to where you want to be. By providing a supportive space to explore your situation, a coach can help you better understand the obstacles that block you and discover what can empower you to move forward. By listening carefully to what you say and by asking powerful questions, your coach can help you shift your perspective and discover new possibilities for achieving your dreams.

As a coach, I want to be your partner in building the bridge you will cross to get where you want to go. I am not coming in a helicopter to whisk you away. Your path is firmly planted in the whole person you are, both in your current place and in that future place you strive to reach. The bridge we build will be solidly rooted in that same ground, and offers an easier passage over the crevices and obstacles that have so far seemed too great.

Together we can develop new awareness through an effective process of exploration grounded in love. Those in therapeutic circles would likely use the term "unconditional positive regard," but I prefer to be more bold: you are special; your journey is important; love is available in the universe. Through the coaching process I aim to be a conduit of that love to help you thrive.